FinnCode Ltd helps companies take full advantage of the possibilities created by digitalization with Finncode Platform, a software platform for cloud-based services. Companies can utilize Finncode Platform to add digital content to their products. This digital content can then be used in the company’s internal processes, as a sales and marketing channel, as an additional mobile service for consumers, or for any other purpose to benefit the company. The software services built on the cloud platform can likewise be tailored to fit the specific needs of the client company, and the design and appearance of all services can be customized to the company’s image. Thanks to its high scalability, Finncode Platform can be utilized by virtually all kinds of companies in any line of business.
The software services built on Finncode Platform are based on utilizing NFC technology. Individualized NFC tags are installed into the desired products, either as an integrated part of the product itself, attached to the surface of the product, or as an external hang-on tag. This NFC tag can then be read with a device such as a smartphone and the digital content attached to the product can be accessed. NFC tags are inepexpensive and different tags made for different purposes are easily available.

Honours and awards:

  • Team Finland Going Global Award 2015
  • Nordea Growth Award 2015