Software services built on Finncode Platform are comprised of one or multiple software modules with each module contributing a specific feature to the service. By combining different modules, FinnCode can easily build software services designed specifically for the needs of different client companies. New modules are being constantly developed, as well, which guarantees that the platform itself and the software built on it will evolve and improve still. The two elements common to most services are a server-based administration interface, used by the client company to administrate content and access data accumulated by the service, and a dedicated mobile application, used by consumers to read the tag on the product and access the digital content attached to it. Finncode Platform and related software services can also be implemented into other software already in existence: if, for example, the client company or brand has already released a mobile application that is used by their customers, Finncode Platform can be used to add new features to the existing application instead of creating an entirely new service.

Finncode Platform and the software services built on it are based on utilizing NFC technology. Products that the client company wishes to enhance with digital content are tagged with individualized NFC tags, each with their own unique identification number, or UID. The tag can be integrated into the product itself, attached to its surface, or enclosed in a separate hang-on tag. The digital content is not contained in the NFC tag itself, but rather, the tag acts as a connecting channel between the desired content and each individual product, ensuring that the right content can be accessed through the right products. When the client company wishes to set up certain services for certain products, the UIDs of the desired NFC tags are simply registered under the desired services in the FinnCode database. All FinnCode services are secured behind a firewall to ensure they cannot be misused. After the tags have been registered to the desired service, the consumer needs only to read the tag on the product they have purchased and the attached digital content appears on their smartphone screen.

FinnCode’s primary clients are different manufacturers of products and devices, brands, and licence and copyright holders.

– Benefits for the company / brand: enhancing products with digital content, sales tracking, customer registry (including C2C sales), data collection through tag readings and utilizing said data for business, creation of new sales channels, efficient mobile marketing channels, mobile services for customers, piracy protection for the brand / products / business partners, improved product information on products

– Benefits for the consumer: product authentication, improved product information (manufacturer, designer, material, production methods, product reviews…), dedicated brand app, brand newsletters and special offers available directly to smartphone, easy-to-use feedback channel, product registration, purchasing of extra content, variable content