Finncode Platfrom

  • Finncode Platform is a state of art system which has been build using Perl & Dancer 2 framework as software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. Because of technology choice platform is lightweight and fast.
  • Platform contains numerous different kind of modules which enables new features.
  • Customers can build service they need using ready made modules and in case there is not needed module it’s possible to provide.
  • Some modules uses NFC technology to provide like authenticity or electrical service book. But because flexibility principle it’s possible also provide module which is based RFID LF or RFID UHF or BLE technology.
  • Finncode platform has also JSON-RPC API so that third party applications can connect to Finncode Platform

RFID / NFC technology

NFC (Near Field Communication) technology opens the door to an entirely new way of communicating with your smartphone: communication through touch. By touching certain items with your smartphone, you can access software services, gather data, and store information. This type of communication comes very naturally to humans, and therefore NFC technology presents an opportunity to create services that are easier and more natural to use and understand than any before.

In a technical sense, utilizing NFC means that the smartphone is communicating through RFID technology. Any smartphone with NFC support has an integrated RFID reader and tag.