Use cases

Service examples Description Target products Benefits Client Operating environment Technology / location Modules used
Authentication Protects against piracy and enables attaching digital product information to the product. Individualized NFC tags installed in the products can be used for verifying the product’s authenticity and accessing the digital information attached to it. Valued products, brand products, licensed products, service parts Piracy protection, additional service for brand customers, production volume monitoring Brand, licence holder, manufacturer Internet, dedicated mobile app NFC / product Authentication
Publisher Enables creating new reading experiences by combining digital content with print media. Existing content can also be sold with other products, such as by attaching a digital audiobook to a birthday gift. Books and magazines, related products, gifts, study materials Content sales, additional service for existing products, additional service for customers, customer information updates Publisher, licence holder, copyright holder Internet, dedicated mobile app NFC / product Artist
Toy Enables distributing and selling digital content, such as stories or songs, through toys. The content can be accessed by touching the toy with a smartphone, and additional content can be bought directly through the Play store. Soft toys, toys Additional service for existing products, sales of extra content Toy manufacturer Internet, dedicated mobile app NFC / product Near Content, Remote Content, Brand Content
Info Necessary product information, such as user manuals, can be attached digitally to the product itself. This content can be accessed by reading the product’s NFC tag with a smartphone. Machinery, tools, electronic devices Additional service for customers Product manufacturer, retailer Smartphone NFC, QR code / product or sticker Ad